About us

Professional Experience

We demonstrate our sound technical and management practices based on assignments we have performed.  In this section, we discuss the experiences of Earth Consult (U) Ltd in the following aspects:

  1. a) Our client strategy and philosophy, together with our commitment to quality and service; and
  2. b) selected relevant experience in the Private and Public Sectors.

Our client service strategy and philosophy

As a firm with local expertise, Earth Consult (U) Ltd has a unique strategy and client service philosophy to ensure that our clients receive consistent and high-quality service delivery. Our strategy committements are:

  1. to provide the best possible service to our clients;
  2. the business to be run along sector lines, one of which is the private sector;
  3. the best people for the job; and
  4.  mobility of personnel so that our clients experience truly committed service.

A key driver of our strategy is delivering the best possible service to our clients. We are committed to service delivery along sector lines to ensure that our expertise is available for your specific issues. It is also our responsibility as GIS experts to always check for our clients’ compliance with the laws and regulations in the particular GIS industry within which they/you operate.

Earth Consult (U) Ltd
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