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Thursday, 31 August 2017 02:35

Why Earth Consult Should Plant for you?

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Over a period of years, we keenly observed that most tree planters including professionals or learned fellows were still surpassing or avoiding the use of professional foresters in tree planting service even when the DFOs or forest rangers were within their closest reach. They would go for the unprofessional but gamblers who probably tried to participate in forest establishment once and claim to be experts in forest establishment and management. They simply convince the forest investor that they are affordable and had experience in setting up a forest before. The next thing we see crooked and distorted tree lines with no record keeping and inaccurate spacing that can not even meet FSC and Carbon financing standards.

What is the impact of unprofessional establishment and management?

This improper spacing, swallow pitting and meandering lines do not give correct estimate of number of trees in a ha, susceptible to wind throws and also they do not yield good timber quality and quality electricity poles in future.

How long do we manage your trees?

At Earth Consult (U) Limited, we plant your trees and manage for three (3) to four (4) years, and finally handover the forest to you. Our cutting edge is we plant the trees to meet other international Standards such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) principles and Criteria and Carbon Offset financing.

This is done under a formal contract between Earth Consult (U) ltd and the Prospective Client (Forest Investor).

Other affordable activities

We also map the forest land and demarcate before starting the planting activities. We also conduct Ecological studies and develop a bankable forest management plan for our client. All these additional services are offered at an affordable price. See the attached leaflet!

Why Mapping and internal demarcation, Ecological Survey, Carbon Baseline survey and FSC before planting?

We think these activities should precede the tree planting activities just in case the Opportunity for carbon financing comes; our clients will be paid a rightful amount of money.

We also wishfully think that, by setting the forest to meet the FSC standards, our clients may get opportunities for selling or exporting their timber to the international markets.

Therefore, we conduct a carbon baseline survey and ensure that the clients’ forest meet the FSC Standards

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